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Saturday, December 14, 2002

How to Start a SCOTUS Practice (Plus, Books You Can Buy Me For Festivus!)

I realize I'm just republishing the newspaper here, but I found it interesting.
ACLU Compared to Taliban in Fight Over Ten Commandments Display in Courthouse

The argument may have looked good at the time it was drafted into the opening brief, but its target appears to have made better use of it in opposition. Read all about it here.
The Evil Billable Hour, Redux

This article (and the reports it links to) envisions a day when lawyers discard the billable hour and return to sanity.
Village Women Threaten Nudity

Read California Justice William Bedsworth's story about recent goings on in Nigeria.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

$11.2 Million For Fired Mary Kay Worker With Cancer

Think you can trash your workers because they are "independent contractors" and not "employees"? Think again, at least in Texas.
Punitive Damages at the High Court

Yet another interesting oral argument at the Supreme Court today, this one concerning punitive damage awards.
"A Charlie Brown Redneck Christmas"

There was a very interesting oral argument concerning a Virginia law prohibiting cross burning at the Supreme Court today. Read an excellent account of it by (yeah, I know . . . ) Dahlia Lithwick at Slate here. Read some interesting quotations from the arguments provided by the AP here (may require registration). And, while you're at it, you can read's coverage of the argument too.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

"Fat Suits" Against Fast Food Companies

Here's a longish article discussing the recent lawsuits against McDonalds and others alleging that their products caused plaintiffs' obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. I found it quite interesting -- especially concerning the similarities to and differences from the tobacco litigation.
Cooley Hit-And-Run Case Affecting Firm Cell Phone Policies

Was that a deer or a human I hit? And was I transacting Firm business at the time? reports on it here.
High Court to Weigh Punitives

On Wednesday 12/11, the Supreme Court hears arguments about the limits of juries' punitive damages awards. Read about it here.

Whatever you think of IOLTA, the case is far from over. Read about today's oral arguments before the Supreme Court here. Read my earlier discussion about the case below. The CSM weighs in here.
Boalt Dean Dwyer's Problems Include Estranged Brother

A history of seducing women, and sleeping with students? Doesn't sound good. Read the LA Times' coverage here. (May require registration.)


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